What's Detailing?

What does it mean to detail something and how is it percieved professionaly.

An endless Sisyphean cleaning and unstoppable strive for perfection.

“Detailing” started from the idea of perfect cleaning, folks aimed at cleaning and preserving their cars, bikes and other collectibles, keeping them looking brand new for years. That led to the development of new suitable tools and products. Many solutions were invented for the different obstacles that arose along the way, treatments for different surface types, special cleaning tools for hard to reach spots and more.

Detailing starts with a thorough cleaning and from there goes on through each and every tiny piece of trim. The secret for perfect results is working by dividing the treated surface into small areas, like the stitching pattern on the seats or even more particularly cleaning each button separately.

Another important aspect is the restoration of different damages made by weather and aging as well as by wrong use of unsuitable products on different surfaces. Usually after a good and thorough cleaning we will be able to assess any other damage and decide on the suitable treatments that are required in order to make the treated surface look better than new.
Like in the treatment of car paint for example, without thorough good cleaning and claying we will not be able to correctly asses the paint surface and any polishing step will be useless and may damage the paint.

After the treated surface is cleaned and restored it has to be protected, there are specific products for each specific type of surface and material. The results of course depend directly on the amount of work and dedication, the word “Detailing” is off course derived from details as the process involves going deep into details.

Today detailing is a whole professional segment which involves different techniques and a wide range of tools starting with different sizes and softness brushes and towels for different surfaces, surface aimed products and even high tech electronic measuring and application devices that together make the detailing process much easier and efficient and improve results significantly.

You can learn much more about detailing from many videos of professional detailers on YouTube and as well on many trainings and courses avaliable for different levels of experience. Don’t ever forget that it is much easier to damage the treated surface than getting the intended result, always remember it and choose your tools and the products you use wisely. Detailing requires lots of attention and patience, finishing one car can take days and even weeks depending on the desired result.

It is always recommended to use the help of professional detailers for the detailing and to have a good explanation about the products and tools before attempting any application. Use the right product and tool for the right job.

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